About me

I am a seasoned software developer with extensive experience in developing enterprise applications. I am fluent in technologies and programming languages developing front-end and back-end applications including mobile apps. This website was built on Amazon Web Services (AWS). I would be happy to talk to you if you need my expertise in your project. Please ask me if you have any question.

Java/Spring Boot
Ruby on Rails
iOS Objetive C / Android Java

My work




Optimal Manning Simulation

Optimal Manning Simulation(OMS) simulates aircraft and personnel movements on a Navy's aircraft carrier deck to collect transportation safety data, thus optimizing manning and safety.


Simulator of Humans & Automation in Dispatch Operations

The Simulator of Humans & Automation in Dispatch Operations (SHADO) provides stakeholders from different sectors of transportation and technology industry with a tool to rapidly explore concepts as first steps in any systems engineering development process. This process can be followed by not just academic or government researchers but also analysts within companies to similarly model their unique operations using our customizable SHADO platform. Altogether, a foundational set of parameters that generally define the work flow structure of railroad and airline dispatch centers today is provided, along with parameters to explore future scenarios including advanced technologies integrated into operations. Predicted human-system performance results for futuristic scenarios are presented that, without this approach, are too time-intensive and financially expensive to investigate in 2018.

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SIUE sites

Fully-responsive SIUE websites with arc-menu

As one of earliest assignment, I developed fully responsive web templates for the University's websites and implemented them in the Cascade CMS. I developed Arc-Menu and UI components from scratch using HTML5 Canvas and JavaScript.

My primary responsibility was to provide programming expertise in developing responsive and easily navigable websites. The efforts lead to the team receiving multiple national awards in 2017. The SIUE marketing and communications website earned a bronze in the website design category in the 2016 Collegiate Advertising Awards competition. Also, undergraduate admissions homepage receives a silver in the 32nd annual Educational Advertising Awards.

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SIUE’s responsive and interactive campus map

Graphic designers at SIUE had the vision to create an interactive campus map that enables users to search and locate buildings and points of interest more intuitively. As a programmer, I translate their sketches into the web environments and add search and interactive functionalities to it. I used Leaflet for the map interface and React and SCSS for the programming logic and user interactions.

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Reference knowledge database

Northwest Missouri State University has developed and used RefPole for collecting and analyzing reference statistics since 2005. RefPole was a tool to answer librarians’ needs to manage reference statistics and knowledge among librarians. It was an analysis tool for the library leaders to make decisions on library operations. RefPole was adequate for the internal use; however, it was developed for local access which keeps the collective reference knowledge from being shared beyond the desktop and from being accessed by students and faculty.

In 2011, responding to growing internal and external need, the library has developed a web based knowledge base management system, KnowBot, in Ruby on Rails. KnowBot offers public searching, rating, cloud tagging, librarian, and reporting interfaces. With the additional public interfaces, it also extended reference services 24/7. Librarians can record responses to questions with graphics and multimedia. The reporting interface features not only the simple transactional data, but it also exhibits multi-dimensional analytic tool in real time.

Search All

An integrated library resource discovery search engine

Released in August 2013, Search All was a bento style search box integrating articles, books, eBooks, media, websites, and guides. Search results for articles and books came from Summon 2.0, databases title search from MySQL, Journal title search from SerialSolutions’s periodical title search, and webpages from Google with options to broaden search results through Google Scholar. In terms of technologies, Ruby on Rails was the main framework while Zurb Foundation was for the responsive design side. The application was hosted on a Linode server.

Pods Control

A software to manage public computers

Centurion Guard was the standard tool at Northwest campus to protect the hard drive and restore it to the original condition on every public machine. When the campus decided not to renew the license, I developed Pods Control to monitor and protect library owned public computers. It employed Windows SteadyState for Windows XP and COMODO TimeMachine for Windows 7. The application updated the Windows OS at night, and detected and reported any issues from the computer to the admin immediately.

Owens Library App

An iPhone app for library catalog

Owens Library App was an iPhone app enabling users to search the library’s catalog and manage personal accounts. With the app, users on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch could search the library's catalog by keyword and scroll through entries showing titles, publishers, authors and availability. Users also could pull up their accounts to reserve and renew items.